Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline Course

Are you struggling with creating your Wedding Day Timeline?  You’re not alone!

Are you wondering…

  • What time should we hold the ceremony?
  • How much time will we need for pictures?
  • When do we cut the cake?
  • Do we have to do a garter toss?
  • How much time should I figure for hair and make-up?
  • Where and when should the florist drop off the bouquets?

Many brides find creating their timeline to be a stressful part of planning their wedding. I love helping brides navigate their wedding day and I’m excited to help you, so I’m thrilled to introduce the Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline course!

Every wedding is different and it takes experience to know what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to organize it in a way that your day will flow smoothly from beginning to end. I want to share my experience with you so you don’t encounter costly –financial and logistical mistakes.

I can’t wait to share my new course with you! Click here to take the course.

This course is for you if you’re a busy bride who needs to create a timeline for your wedding day!

*Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline is a step-by-step course that pulls all the details together and organizes them into a smooth, flowing wedding day plan.

* I walk you through every step of the process to complete an actual Wedding Day Timeline.

*You’ll get wedding planning tools and expertise that we, at Blue Skies Wedding Planning, use for every wedding. Just use the course materials, add your info, and send them off to your vendors and helpers. SIMPLE!

Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline Course

I’m so excited to work with you on your wedding day timeline. The basic course is $14!

Want a little more help? Purchase Tier 2 which includes the Course + Workbook and Timeline Template + Personalized Timeline Review and Email Feedback.

If you would like Personalized coaching, then purchase Tier 3 which is the Course + Workbook and Timeline Template + Timeline Review and a 1 hour Coaching session on your schedule and other wedding questions!

Want me to create your timeline for you? Don’t want to take the course? I will create your wedding day timeline for you for the low cost of $20.00. This includes a questionnaire that you will complete, I will send you a draft timeline. You can review it and we can complete up to two rounds of edits.

Let’s get started!

Blue Skies


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