Favorite Wedding Movies

Favorite Wedding Movies

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Ok, we’re all staying home to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. Maybe you’re doing a little wedding planning, connecting with friends and family over Zoom and cleaning a lot of cabinets and closets. Not to mention watching movies and shows. So here’s a list of favorite wedding movies to make you laugh and get you in the wedding mood.

10. Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey star in this movie about a New York fashion designer who is about to marry the mayor’s son but she’s still married to her high school sweetheart in Alabama. Candice Bergen, perfectly plays the evil Yankee mother -in- law.

This is a classic Southern Girl movie. A little romance, a little adventure, and a little history. Not to mention country music! What’s not to love? Sweet Home Alabama is a very funny comedy and one of my favorite wedding movies!

9. Bride Wars

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are two best friends who accidentally end up with the same wedding date at the same venue. It turns into an all-out war as they navigate planning their weddings!

It’s hard to imagine competing with your best friend for a wedding venue, but these two make it very entertaining. Bride Wars, also, reminded me of how important it is to have a best friend.

june bride bouquet toss

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nia Vardalos (Toula) falls in love with the man of her dreams, the only problem is he isn’t Greek. She struggles to get her family to accept him and continues planning a big wedding with her eager fiancé. She learns to come to terms with her rich heritage, her cultural identity, and her meddlesome but truly lovable family.  Funny what you can do with windex!

7. 27 Dresses

This hilarious comedy about Katherine Heigl who’s always a bridesmaid but never the bride and the hilarious dresses that she has to wear as a bridesmaid. It’s a love story about meeting the right guy when you least expect it.

Jane (Heigl) is addicted to organizing weddings in her spare time, 27 Dresses opens with Jane juggling two weddings on the same night. Her hobby is discovered by a wedding reporter, Kevin (James Marsden), who hides a romantic side behind his cynicism.  You’ll love the twenty-seven dresses of all shapes, colors, sizes, and dates!

6. Bridesmaids

Oh my goodness! I laughed through this entire movie. It. Is. Hilarious!! Watch with your fiance or with your girls, it will keep you laughing no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

Bridesmaids is about friendships falling apart and then reconnecting. It focuses on two best friends Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lilian (Maya Rudolph). The movie draws a comparison between the two as Lilian is getting her life together with her marriage and Annie’s life is taking one bad turn after another starting with the loss of her business, and then her apartment. The jokes escalate as the movie goes on and its a hilarious film with great female actors.

5. Runaway Bride

This one is charming and funny! Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in this romantic comedy about a small-town girl who attempts to get married multiple times but runs before she says “I do”. Gere is a big-city newspaper columnist who is writing a “tell-all” story about the bride who bolts. Check out Julia Roberts’ wedding gowns in the movie!

This is a fun romance, fast-paced comedy, good acting, and an entertaining story. Watch for…..What is your favorite kind of “eggs”??

Bride and Bridesmaids outside church

4. My Best Friends Wedding

I could watch this one over and over. Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts team up in this wedding classic which includes Cameron singing karaoke.  The main theme is the loyalty of a good friend, which can sometimes be even more powerful than romantic love.

I love the songs sprinkled throughout My Best Friend’s Wedding, including “Wishin’ and Hopin'”, “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”, and “The Way You Look Tonight”. The wedding party version of “I Say a Little Prayer (for You)” is the absolute highlight of the film musically and comically…and is one of the funniest scenes on film! 

3. The Proposal

A pushy boss (Sandra Bullock) forces her young assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in order to keep her visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. Margaret (Bullock) must travel to Alaska for Andrew’s (Reynolds) grandmother’s eightieth birthday, where she must pose as his fiancée the whole time.

The Proposal is a fun romantic comedy with lots of laughs, romance, drama, and travel. Sandra and Ryan create a fun dynamic that’s exactly what I look for in a romantic comedy. You’ll love Betty White as the adorable grandma!

2. The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez plays a super detailed, dedicated wedding planner who hasn’t had time to find love. Then she finds “Mr. Right” (Matthew McConaughey) but he turns out to be the groom at one of her upcoming weddings. Yikes!

It’s a classic feel-good romantic comedy and a perfect film to watch as a mother-daughter or a girl’s night in. The Wedding Planner combines humor about weddings and romance. And with all the sets for weddings, it might give you a few ideas for your own wedding!

10 Favorite Wedding Movies

1. Father of the Bride

Steve Martin is George Banks, who’s a doting father and having a hard time letting go of his daughter when she unexpectedly announces her wedding plans. Diane Keaton stars as the mother of the bride. Martin Short steals the show as Fronnkk – the ever so hilarious wedding co-ordinator. This is definitely one of my favorite wedding movies!

Father of the Bride is funny and warm, and a great film for anyone who has “lived through” planning a wedding or is currently planning a wedding. If you want a movie that’s guaranteed to make you laugh, then this is it. BTW, order the chipper chicken!

Also, check out the original version of Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracey.

wedding dress reveal to bridemaids

So now, the big question… Which wedding movie will you watch tonight? Did I leave one of your favorite wedding movies off the list? Drop a comment below and let me know your favorite!

Stay safe and stay home! #hometogeher. If you have any wedding planning questions, please reach out to me. I’d love to help.

Blue Skies!


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