Getting Started Guide - Your Perfect Wedding

Getting Started Guide – Creating Your Perfect Wedding

Creating Your Perfect Wedding

Now that you’re thinking about your perfect wedding, let’s work through some of the details. You can refer back to the Wedding Vision post.

We began wedding planning by looking at:

  1. Size of your wedding, number of guests
  2. Type of ceremony that you and your fiancé would like
  3. Reception feel and theme
  4. Budget

Getting Started Guide – Your Perfect Wedding

Let’s dive a little deeper. Download the FREE Getting Started Guide to Your Perfect Wedding (enter your email below) which includes your Wedding Vision Worksheet and Wedding Vision Board.

The Wedding Vision Worksheet explores options for seasons, venues, ceremony type and length, guest attire, etc.

Think about the most important aspects of the day for you, your fiancé, your family, and your guests.  Pick your two most important things about your special day…. If you don’t see what is important to you, then write it in.

What are your must-haves, nice to haves and don’t wants?  “Must-haves” are the items that you and your fiancé want and will make the day truly special to you.  The “nice to haves” are things that can be incorporated if there is time or budget.  The “don’t wants” are things that should not be incorporated into your wedding.

Some examples I’ve seen are:

Must-haves: Stunning pictures, ceremony at the chapel where you attended college, military wedding, wedding on New Year’s Eve, etc.

One bride wanted to say “vows” to her fiancé’s 5-year-old son so he would know how special he was to her and that she was marrying into their family (not just marrying his dad).

Nice to haves: Photobooth, videographer, yard games for children to play, etc.

Don’t want: Garter toss, first look, shellfish (the groom was allergic), Chicken dance, etc.

These are as unique and individual as you and your fiancé.

Make multiple copies of the Wedding Vision Worksheet and ask your fiancé, parents and future in-laws for their input or have everyone complete their own and then compare.  Also, this is a great way to open the budget discussion since it is part of the worksheet.

Wedding Vision Board

Compile your thoughts and answers on the wedding vision board.  When wedding planning gets hectic, refer back to your Wedding Vision Board for what is important to you.

Wedding Vision Example

Chip and Joanna are planning their wedding (this was before they were famous!).  Below are their answers to some of the questions on the Wedding Vision Worksheet and an example of their Wedding Vision Board.

Wedding Vision Board

So, get started creating Your Perfect Wedding!  If you have questions or need help, send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Check out our Pinterest boards for some inspiration. Happy Planning!

Blue Skies!


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