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Micro Wedding – What is it?

“A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.” according to Brides.com. Well, thanks to COVID, this is the model we are all using right now. What I love about a micro wedding, is that it’s your chance to think outside the box.

The typical wedding costs $30,000, depending on your location and the average guest list is 150. Fewer guests, means reduced costs, less work, fewer people to please, more time to spend with those that you are close to, and more options for a wedding venue! Win-win! This is your opportunity for a wedding that is uniquely you!

Micro Wedding Basics

  1. Venue – A micro wedding opens up venues that wouldn’t have worked for a typical wedding. Look at your area and venue possibilities with fresh eyes. What about your parent’s backyard, renting out a cafe or restaurant, a park, the botanical gardens, an art gallery, an Airbnb, or a historical mansion? The possibilities are endless! Many nontraditional venues have terrific ambiance and include tables, chairs, and beautiful decor.
  2. Ceremony – Social distancing is leading to more wedding activities being outside where there is room to space out and distance. For ceremony seating, consider smaller clusters of chairs surrounding the altar. This will help guests spread out.
  3. Food – Let your imagination run wild. Fewer guests may mean more options. You can have an intimate sit-down dinner, an upscale dinner party, or a casual meal. Maybe you’d like a seven-course meal with expert wine pairings, an elaborate buffet, or a fun food truck. The options are infinite with a smaller wedding. Consider serving regional cuisines that you and your partner absolutely love, or incorporate food from your first date.
  4. Photographer – A fantastic photographer is a great investment, no matter how many guests you have at your wedding. The day goes so fast and a good photographer will capture the moments for you. You won’t need an 8 – 10 hour package and probably won’t need a second photographer. So talk to your photographer about packages for small weddings or create a custom package.

The Details

Let your creativity flow. This is the chance to really make the wedding special to you and your fiancé! What are the details that are important to you? The dress, flowers, invitations, music, and décor can be as much or as little as you want. Maybe you want to hire a string quartet to play during the wedding and reception.

Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom Tip!

Along with your traditional Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom duties, you can also help out by researching and navigating the COVID-19 protocols for the area where the wedding is taking place. Ask the kids if they would like you to reach out to vendors and venues about safety and sanitizing precautions.

Another way to help is to ask if the bride and groom would like you to call out-of-town guests to give them the hotel room block information. It’s a great way to let guests know you care, tell them about the safety precautions, as well as get a feel for who will be able to make the wedding.

 COVID Precautions

COVID has introduced things into our lives that we never imagined. To ensure your guest’s safety, you’ll need to work with your venue and vendors and be aware of the COVID safety protocols. Here are a few suggestions.

  • All of the guests and bridal party should wear masks. Consider offering masks and small sanitizers in baskets for guests to take as they arrive at the ceremony.
  • Set up several hand sanitizer stations.
  • Sanitize the chairs if they are being used for the ceremony and the reception.
  • Serve mini appetizers that are individually plated and passed on large trays. Consider items that are self-contained, served on a single dish or skewers like antipasto skewers, chicken skewers, and sesame chicken in wonton cups.
  • To prevent over-crowding, set up two bars. There’s a trend to bottled drinks, canned cocktails, cute mini bottles of rosé, or Champagne with a paper straw. Also, consider incorporating coasters that go on top of a drink.
  • A plated meal is a great choice from a food safety standpoint. 
  • Another option is incorporating a food truck. It offers a safe, casual, socially-distanced way to serve your guests. Backyard weddings are trending, and allowing guests to grab their meal from the food truck and enjoy dinner picnic-style can offer a safe and fun reception atmosphere.
  • If you prefer to have a buffet, spread out multiple stations around your venue with the same offerings. Each station should have a dedicated server behind plexiglass.
  • Allow your guests to choose who they sit with. Most will tend to sit with members of their household or close family and friends.
  • Instead of cake, you could work with a local baker on an assortment of desserts. Consider miniature desserts that are individually plated. Or serve mini pies, macaroons, parfaits or donuts, and cans of Champagne—all individualized as an added COVID-19 safety measure.  

Just because your wedding looks a little different, it can be just as special. We need to break out of the mindset of what weddings were and focus on what they can be. Remember your wedding is all about: your marriage, love, and commitment to one another. So, get started creating Your Perfect Wedding!

Blue Skies!


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