1. Ask, don’t tell! That is such an important one. So many times I hear the MOB say “I want this” or “We need to do it that way.” It makes me stop and think… who’s wedding is this? The tricky part is if the MOB is paying a lot towards the wedding. It’s hard not to have her opinion then.

    • ConnieCarmichael

      I agree, it is a very delicate balancing act. I coach my brides to think about their “must haves”, their “nice to haves” and “Don’t wants”. The “nice to haves” are the items that couples can compromise on. Sometimes there are difficult conversations that the couple need to have… for example if MOB thinks the garter toss is really important and the couple doesn’t want a garter toss, the couple should explain why they are uncomfortable. It’s really about open, honest communication.

      Blue Skies!!

  2. Such great advice. My friend is getting married soon and i’ll be sharing this with her as she has little bit of a struggle with this right now!

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