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Six Simple Stress Free Wedding Tips

Everyone always says they can’t believe how quick their wedding day goes and it’s true.  These six simple stress-free wedding tips can help you savor every moment of your wedding day.  So how do you and your future husband slow down the day?  If you’re a mom of the bride or groom, how can you help slow down the wedding day so everyone can enjoy it?

  1.  Think about what is important to you and your spouse.  What will you look back on?  Focus on the important things and let go of the details.  Pictures rank high in importance to many couples, time with family and friends is another item of importance.  So when planning your perfect wedding, think about what is most important to you as a couple.
  2. Grab a few moments alone.  If you are doing a first look, plan 15 minutes for just you and your future husband.  No cameras, no bridal party.  Talk, pray, laugh but just the two of you.  I also try to give the bride and groom a few minutes after the ceremony as guests file out of the church and line up for the bubble send-off.  These are your first moments alone as husband and wife.

3. Introverted brides, take a few moments for yourself.  Have a cup of coffee alone before hair and makeup or step outside before you get dressed.  Find a quiet place for a few minutes as the guests are arriving and you’re waiting to line up

4. Plan out your wedding day.  Having a schedule and ensuring that all your vendors know the schedule can relieve a lot of pressure on the bride and the mother of the bride.  Work with your photographer to outline the photos that are your “must haves” and “nice to haves”.

5. Day of planner or friend or family member.  You need someone to take care of the details on your special day. Hiring a wedding planner to help orchestrate all or portions of your event, will be one of the best things you did for yourself – and your mom! They can:

  • Manage the flow and timing of the ceremony and reception.
  •  Point of contact for the venue and all vendors
  • Ensure the ceremony and reception décor is set up and set up décor not handled by a specific vendor (unity candle, gift table, guest book, etc.). 
  • Assist with rehearsal
  • Direct the teardown, clean up and packing after the ceremony and reception

6. Food and drinks.  It’s easy to get hangry.  Make sure you and your bridal party eat, even if you don’t feel like it.  Plan ahead to have sandwiches, bagels, fruit platter, cheese, and crackers or something brought in for lunch or to snack on as you are getting ready.  Water… stay hydrated.  With the warm weather and picture taking, you can easily get dehydrated.  Have plenty of water for your bridal party, family and don’t forget your photographers.

These few simple things can help you and your bridal party relax and have a good time.  You’re wedding should be pleasurable, memorable and stress-free.  I hope you have a fabulous day with your friends and family!

Blue Skies!


PS – if you have other tips for a stress-free wedding day, I’d love to hear them.  Please comment below.

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