Wedding Cake 4 Tier White Buttercream Frosting

Let Them Eat Cake — Wedding Cake

Two tier wedding cake with butter cream frosting. Burgundy flowers top the cake.

“Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. Modernly however, they are more of a centerpiece to the wedding,” according to Wikipedia.

Wedding cake specialists are different from other bakers. Regular bakers charge by overall size of the cake; however, wedding cake specialists typically charge by the slice.

If the wedding cake will be supplied by a separate vendor, you will need a contract which specifies all of the details including:

  • Size
  • Cake Flavor(s)
  • Frosting Flavor(s)
  • Decorations and fillings
  • Cake knife, cake plate and other accessories included or rented
  • Exact delivery and set up arrangements
  • Pick up or return of rented items

Before ordering your cake, view photographs of the different styles of cake, talk to references and taste the cake and the icing.   If the cake is layered and tiered, are different flavors for each layer available? Discuss fillings with your baker since some guests may have allergies to seeds, coconut, nuts, fruit etc. 

Questions to Ask Your Baker

  • How much deposit is required?
  • Is there a delivery charge?
  • Will your baker set up the cake and the cake topper? Is so should the cake topper be at the reception site or dropped off to the baker?
  • Will they provide boxes for the leftover cake?
  • Can you rent a cake plate, cake knife, etc.?
  • When do rented items need to be returned?
  • When is final payment due?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Do you have an emergency number if the cake is damaged on the day of the wedding? 
  • Do you provide a smaller backup cake in case of disaster?
4 Tier White Wedding Cake and dessert bar
4 Tier White Cake and dessert bar

Cake Size

The size of your cake will depend on the serving size and the number of guests. Ask your baker to show you some serving sizes to help you estimate the size of the cake required.

Don’t forget that the number of invitations you send out does not equate to the number of people attending. You’ll need an estimate of the number of guests expected to attend to make sure you have enough cake for everyone. For example, if you’re sending out 150 invitations you could have 300 or more people attending. 

More Morsels

  • Who will cut the cake? How much will it cost?
  • Have they been briefed on the cake piece size and whether the cake will be served or if guests will serve themselves cake from the cake table?
  • Who will provide the silverware and serving plates? 
  • Where will the cake will be placed?
  • Is the background good for pictures?
  • Is the table sturdy?
  • If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, ask the baker to deliver the cake as close to the reception start as possible. If it is really warm outside, ask your venue or caterer if there is a place to keep the cake cool, if the baker has to deliver it early in the day.

After you walk down the aisle and celebrate with your family and friends, enjoy your wedding cake! Something sweet to top off your perfect day.

Cake cutting, single tier, 6" cutting cake with mini cupcake bar
Cake cutting, single tier, 6″ cutting cake with mini cupcake bar

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